CORVIDAE: Peering Into Streetwear’s Enigmatic Obsession

CORVIDAE: Peering Into Streetwear’s Enigmatic Obsession

We often see streetwear brands rise and fall like fleeting trends, but one name has stuck out for its unique blend of enigma, urban style, and community engagement. CORVIDAE, a brand that has continued its rapid rise to prominence, has carved a niche in the world of punk-infused street fashion. While the brand officially unfurled its wings in 2021, its cryptic identity and unique vision were conceived in the corridors of creativity back in 2019.

Corvidae’s journey began with a statement piece that showcased their innovative approach to streetwear. In early 2022, the brand introduced a groundbreaking 3-in-1 nylon puffer jacket with a detachable hood and arms. For the brand, essential pieces transcend mere functionality, metamorphosing into statement pieces through a lens of unique and inventive design. The jacket, now an urban fashion icon, stands as a beacon, questioning the conventional and propelling the brand into uncharted territories. GUAP sat down with the founders to reflect on their journey. The concept of ‘underground’ took center stage, and how they both want to challenge the idea of seeking coolness through deliberate nonconformity. 

There’s too much emphasis on being cool via not being cool, this whole idea of an ‘underground’ scene doesn’t exist if people are always seeking it out.

The essence of CORVIDAE lies in the embodiment of its creators’ desires. A melange of muted colors and styles swirls within the brand’s design palette, but the prevailing tone is undeniably dark. The founders articulate that this inclination wasn’t a deliberate pursuit of a particular aesthetic; rather, it was an authentic manifestation of their own stylistic preferences.

A lot of samples we’ve created are more colourful, and we’ve even released some of these, but primarily what we want to wear is dark, so that’s what we make.

In the shadowy corners of the internet, fake pieces attempt to mimic the allure of CORVIDAE’s genuine creations. While the founder laments witnessing such counterfeits, there’s a silver lining—a validation that they are indeed doing something right. 

Hate to see it, but you know you’re doing something right when your most popular jacket is sold out on the counterfeit websites.

Brands like Corvidae breed cult-like fan bases, using social media as a tool to bring excitement for drops to a fever pitch. However, Corvidae has mastered the art of community engagement, leveraging compelling giveaways that attract thousands to participate, growing and solidifying their base. Beyond these giveaways, the brand takes approaches that solidify them as new-gen. From cultivating a vibrant Discord community, providing a space for fans to immerse themselves in the distinctive culture of Corvidae, to having a second private Instagram account followed by thousands that boasts snippets of what’s to come and unseen samples. This dual approach to interaction sets Corvidae apart, making the veil opaque, just enough to get close and see the inner workings of the brand whilst keeping that special mystique they have earned. 

As Corvidae prepares for their upcoming drop, we can’t help but wonder what else is hidden in their enigmatic repertoire. The elusive details are kept under wraps, veiled in secrecy, and shrouded in anticipation. For those seeking insight, a cryptic invitation to explore @ihatecrvdae is extended—a low-key back channel on Instagram where the brand’s narrative continues to unfold, one sneek peak at a time.