How to Correctly Pronounce Streetwear Brand Acia

How to Correctly Pronounce Streetwear Brand Acia

Acia Studio announce that they are dropping t-shirts this week to help you pronounce the name properly.

Fashion brand Acia are releasing pronunciation t-shirts. The brand commented that most people struggle or don’t know how to pronounce Acia. The correct way to pronounce Acia is ‘aah-she-uh’. Acia which is originally a Latin word, means thread.

The essence of the clothing line is to ‘conform against the masses’. The phrase encourages individuals to embrace what makes them unique and not to  feel pressured to conform to societal standards. In supporting individualism, the brand is inspired by underground culture that is not mainstream. Acia as a result, symbolises a thread that connects the two together.

So far the brand has revealed the t-shirt in colours black and orange.