Conscious Shopping: How To Successfully Thrift Shop

Conscious Shopping: How To Successfully Thrift Shop

Now that shops are opening back up people are excited to get their summer wardrobes in order. Considering the current climate and the time we have had to get educated and perhaps recognise that our planet needs us to be way more conscious. 

Some of us may not have the money to spend on sustainable owned brands. The proud feeling of buying something conscious and ethical costs. Essentially Consciousness costs however thrift shopping is a great way to get new items whilst having no impact on the planet as well as finding unique pieces. As a thrifting charity shop lover, I have made my way around a fair few thrift stores from London’s best, berlin, to Paris, Copenhagen  Croatia and a lot more. Whilst shopping I learnt a few things to make thrift shopping that bit easier as well as fun! 

Go alone or with a patient friend 

Thrift shopping is not a girls weekend endeavour … unless your friends are stylists. Thrift shopping takes time, patience and dedication. You really have to come with an open mind and ready to sieve through a long line of racks. If you come with a friend make sure they aren’t the type to walk in a shop and want to drag you out after 5 minutes.

Know what you’re looking for 

Know what you want before you go whether that’s a pair of jeans, a printed shirt or skirt. It will massively speed up the shopping process and save you from being overwhelmed by endless possibilities.

Don’t go on the fit 

Often times charity shops won’t have your exact size you may have to use some creativity, pin back a few things and play with different silhouettes that don’t require a perfect fit but a more oversized baggy fit, for example, oversized blazers and shirts. If you’re handy with a needle and see the perfect item not in your size consider doing a little DIY project to perfect the item. There are the odd occasions you can find the best fitting jeans ever when that moment comes to snatch that item up!

Wear changing room-friendly clothes 

The worst thing is going into a changing room and having to unbutton unlace, zip down, loads of items before you’ve even started trying anything on. I’m sure I’m not alone on this, going shopping with a button-up shirt, skinny jeans and hard to get out of shoes can end two ways. You don’ both to try anything and miss out on a great item or you buy everything to try on and home and end up returning everything. Rookie mistake.

Do a wardrobe inventory 

Before going shopping look through your wardrobe and consider donating some of your clothes to charity shops before swapping them out for new ones. This is a great way to do some good while getting some goods. Many charities shops give to amazing charities.

Examine your items before heading to the counter. 

Some times we can all get too excited and only see the good in an item, blind to the dirty stains the little holes and the slightly unusual smell. It’s important to examine your clothing before you make your final decision. Before heading to the counter consider is this item repairable and are you willing to repair it. Is the cost worth it?  Returns in thrift shops are rare you really want to leave happy with your purchases.