Complex Academy Pioneers Groundbreaking Program to Empower Creatives in Ghana

Complex Academy Pioneers Groundbreaking Program to Empower Creatives in Ghana

The Complex Department creative team led by Atanko Davidson is proud to announce the launch of the Complex Academy program, a pioneering incubation initiative designed to empower and nurture young creatives through youth empowerment and entrepreneurship. Recognizing the urgent need for comprehensive support in the dynamic field of the creative industry, this program aims to bridge the gap by providing targeted assistance in skill development, mentorship, and entrepreneurship training. 

Challenges in Ghana’s Creative Industry 

The creative industry in Ghana often faces the challenge of a lack of structured programs tailored to the specific needs of young individuals aspiring to thrive in this vibrant sector. The Complex Academy program aims to address these challenges head-on by offering focused support to young creatives. This includes skill development, mentorship, and entrepreneurship training, providing a holistic approach to empower participants to become confident, skilled, and entrepreneurial contributors to the creative landscape. 

Building a Supportive Community 

One of the key goals of Complex Academy is to create a supportive community for and with creative entrepreneurial minds. Recognizing the limited resources and opportunities for young creatives, the program seeks to build a nurturing space where highly motivated individuals can develop faith in themselves, acquire the necessary competencies, and explore their talents to create something remarkable from nothing. 

“At Complex Academy, our goal is to establish a transformative environment that empowers visionary entrepreneurs to carve out their destinies. We strive to become a source of inspiration and a driving force for personal development, arming highly motivated talents with the confidence, expertise, and tools necessary to unlock their potential and bring their ideas to life,” says Atanko Davidson, founder of Complex Academy. 

Fostering Belonging and Personal Growth 

Complex Academy envisions a future where every person embraces their unique capabilities and possesses the resilience to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship. By cultivating a supportive community, the program aims to foster a sense of belonging and provide a nurturing space where individuals can delve into their talents, embrace challenges, and craft something extraordinary from the ground up. 

The Complex Academy program represents a significant step towards the growth and sustainability of Ghana’s creative community, contributing to the development of

confident, skilled, and entrepreneurial individuals who will shape the future of the creative industry. 

For more information about Complex Academy and its programs, please visit

or contact Atanko Davidson +233 50 604 6082 . 

About Complex Academy 

Complex Academy is an initiative by the creative team at Complex Department lead by Atanko Davidson dedicated to empowering young creatives in Ghana’s dynamic creative industry. The program focuses on skill development, mentorship, and entrepreneurship training to provide comprehensive support for individuals aspiring to build successful careers in the creative landscape. Complex Academy aims to foster a supportive community, inspiring personal development and nurturing the talents of highly motivated individuals.