Clock Out And Escape To The V&A Museum Through A Virtual Tour

Bored of staring at your blank walls or seeing the same thing on your running route? Well, Virtual tours provided by Ribena UK’s youtube channel are available to immerse you into a whole world of fashion at the V&A museum. Not only is it great for fashion enthusiasts but for people fascinated by architecture who are craving to see beautifully crafted masterpieces often found in and around museums. In new youtube series directed by Beau Kerouac, the series of films entitled Wander, tour you around the museum with different voice actors narrating their favourite work. For the V&A tour, Oscar nominee Richard E. Grant reads Alice in Wonderland as the video takes us through the museum. The idea is to give people a hint of inspiration they often leave with after visiting a museum or gallery, not to mention how relaxing and calming it is to watch and listen in the comfort of your own home, its a perfect watch for before bed.

 Many of us content creators may be started to burn out and feeling fed up with the sight of our laptops or our partners for that matter but a look into the outside and seeing some of the things that once amazed and inspired us can bring back some of those feelings and remind us why we love fashion so much in the first place. Not for the money, not for the cool job titles but for the pure love of art and exploration of the beautiful things we are capable of creating.

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“Wander was conceived to bring joy and escapism to everyone, in an easy, accessible and interesting way…With all the museums currently closed, we can’t spend time walking the peaceful corridors of these places we all love.”

– series director Beau Kerouac

Finding ways to cope during these times is so important we have to constantly try to adapt and look after our mental health, so do what you love but remember to clock out and have some downtime you don’t always have to be creating and you don’t have to tune into every zoom call and latest Instagram live. Understing the importance of all this, wander’s videos provide a way for us to escape as well as giving tips at the end of the video provided by the mental health foundation on how to help us through the lockdown.

To get an insight into the eclectic yet stunning world within the V&A, check out the Wander series on youtube and stay tuned for more of the UK’s beautiful museums and galleries.

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