CHRISTIE’S X MASHONDA TIFRERE presents emerging women artists of color exhibition [@mashondatifrere]

CHRISTIE’S X MASHONDA TIFRERE presents  emerging women artists of color exhibition [@mashondatifrere]

Mashonda Tifrere is the name on everybody’s lips right now. She’s representing artists of color, particularly women of color, and ensuring their presence in noble establishments such as Christie’s Private Sales. The Note To Self exhibition debuted 24 unique pieces from living black artists, with prices ranging from £2,000 – £15,000. But the price tag isn’t the selling point for these pieces. These works feature 15 international women artists who have been allowed to uniquely navigate the ever-intertwined, contemporary world with qualities of joy and wisdom in what Tifrere would describe as “Feminine Sovereignty.” 

The impressive exhibition highlights Christie’s commitment to ensuring that more artists of color have a platform and holds space in a contemporary light. Our work is essential and expressive, and Note To Self is story-telling in its finest element. From artist Megan Lewis’ emotive use of bold strokes and color to frame her subjects in contemplative wonder to Miami-based painter and muralist Tierra Armstrong’s ability to transcend time and space through the duality of her fragmented yet balanced portrait style in her piece ‘Community.’ A multi-sensory artist, Natalie Lauren Sim’s works create a deliberately tender space for the viewer to empathize and become absorbed in the fantastical world of her subjects. LaToya M. Hobbs’ signature use of stark lines creates an unrelenting expression that forces the viewer to consider the very essence of womanhood. In contrast, Lindsay Adams’ lyrical style demands an introspective contemplation in her depiction of rich floral landscapes. In a conversation between world and self, she takes on the challenge of questioning her identity as a Black and disabled woman.

Latoya Hobbs ‘Untitled (Marci)’

Stories, dreams, life, fantasy, reality; The Note To Self exhibition foregrounds the layered experiences of Black communities, particularly women, with a critical focus on the elements that simultaneously anchor and unleash the wonderment of Mashonda’s African-American heritage. Born in Harlem and surrounded by a wealth of expressionist art, music, and photography, Mashonda’s career has established her as a prominent singer/songwriter, author, and activist. She has since fortified her
position as an art leader and cultural disruptor with the creation of Art LeadHer; a platform that
has challenged patriarchal history and championed the professional development of marginalized
woman artists since its 2016 launch.

Megan Gabrielle Harris’ ‘Muse’
Tierra Armstrong’s ‘Community’

Abundant in individuality yet exquisitely connected to a sense of liberation, Christie’s Note To Self exhibition is another example of how the multi-faceted Mashonda Tifrere holds space for artworks produced by living Black artists because our work is valuable and incredibly influential in all spheres of society.

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