Check Out Nula’s Kitchen[@Soliatceo] This Saturday For A Taste Of African Street Food

Check Out Nula’s Kitchen[@Soliatceo] This Saturday For A Taste Of African Street Food

Internationally renowned dancer Soliat Bada, who has worked for the likes of Rihanna, Sean Paul & Drake  has set her eyes on a new challenge. She’s testing her skills in the culinary world and is hosting African street food Pop – Up. An event created “to challenge the African food industry, to raise the level of customer service and food presentation, and open African cuisine to the global audience.” 

Sample a taste of Africa with a contemporary twist! Come and indulge in this unique culinary experience, reminiscent of the freshly prepared delights that the vibrant streets of the Motherland has to offer. – Soliat Bada


As well as food, the pop up will have a mix of African & contemporary music, games and other activities to keep you entertained.

We welcome you to come and experience a little taste of the Africa right in the heart of London. – Soliat Bada

I spoke to Soliat to find out more about what inspired her to create this pop-up and here’s what she had to say


1.You are an international renowned dancer who has worked for the likes of Rihanna and Drake, what made you want to transition into being a chef?

I’ve always loved food, particularly African food. Nula’s Kitchen came about at a difficult stage in my life/dance career, which forced me to think of other creative means of generating income aside from dancing. I haven’t looked back since.

2. What is Nula’s Kitchen ?

Nula’s Kitchen is a brand that specialises in different things i.e. catering, personal chef, events and TV / vlogs. I want my brand to represent a new standard of African cuisine that can be on par with other celebrated global cuisines, without losing it’s authentic African-ness.

3. What inspired you to host this event ?

I was inspired by my trip to Lagos. Whilst I was there, I shot a video, ‘Lagos street food’, where I got to sample different dishes. Some new, and some that I’ve had before – I thought this would be something I would love to recreate and bring to London for everyone to enjoy the way I do.

4. What steps do you think the African/Caribbean culinary community need to take in order to see customer service and presentation as a vital aspect of the dining experience?

Did you know that chicken tikka masala is England’s national dish? African/Caribbean just need to take more action in ensuring that the food is presented better and is served in a timely manner. It’s no secret that our cuisine is bold and packs lots of flavour, it just need to reach a wider demographic the same way Chinese and Indian cuisine has. That’s my mission.

5. Are there skills from your dancing career that you have transferred over to when your cooking?

Just like I did in my dance career I am working my way up and paying my dues I don’t consider myself a fully fledged Chef YET! I believe I have to earn that title.

6. What’s your favourite dish you love to make?

It’s a dish called ayamse/ ofada! It’s a green pepper stew – it’s spicy and packs an incredible amount of flavour. It takes a few a hours to make but it’s SO worth it!

Be sure to check out the pop up  this Saturday!


Nula’s Kitchen presents:


DateSaturday 26th August 2017

Time2pm – 9pm


Shoreditch Platform

1 Kingsland Road


E2 8AA

For tickets visit Eventbrite 


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