Calling All Music Lovers: Orbit Live is Where You Should Be This Weekend

Calling All Music Lovers: Orbit Live is Where You Should Be This Weekend

Calling all emerging artists, creatives within music, promoters and anyone looking to build and expand their community – free up the 22nd September in your calendars. Orbit Live are putting on an event that is jam-packed with forums, discussions and workshops with a focus on the cultural challenges of today, including diversity, sustainability and more. It’ll be taking place at The Halley, a co-working space for music industry professionals – it’s even got studios there which are worth checking out if you plan to attend the event!

Orbit is a collaborative, educational forum that amplifies the music culture within the underground and encourages building community.

They’ve got three forums with key figures in different areas, ready to answer any burning questions and give you valuable advice, straight from the source. All forums will be audience-lead, allowing the audience to ask questions and curate themes of discussion in an aim to learn from each other and bring the community together. You can also submit questions online in advance.

The Promoters Huddle focuses on the nightlife industry – perfect for budding promoters. It’s hosted by DJ and presenter, Vanessa Maria and features Pxssy Palace’s founder, Nadine Noor, Matt Wickings from Corsica Studios and Carpet Shop Peckham, and the founder of Unbound Events, DJ Winggold.

The Utilising Your Cultural Capital forum focuses on developing a grassroots organisation and how to turn it into a sustainable platform, great for those who want to build community. This forum is hosted by artist and DJ, Karen Nyame KG and will have Thristian, Director of Global Roots, David Zhou, founder of Eastern Margins and Ade of Black Obsidian Soundsystem on the panel. 

Balance Beyond the Booth focuses on how to navigate the industry without getting overwhelmed in order to maintain good health all-round, both mental and physical. It’ll be moderated by the founder of Tempo LDN, Martha and have input from Run Dem Crew’s Charlie Dark, Morgan, the founder of e.o.t.t. and Rupture’s founder, Mantra. 

There’s also a bunch of workshops – Funding with Mina, Using Cooperative Models from Sister Midnight, Working with Brands via Warm Street, Documenting Your Culture by Emma Warren, Eastern Margins’ International Markets and Tempo will host a workshop that focuses on supporting your mental and physical wellbeing.

There is also access to funding opportunities via the Orbit Fund and AEI Ventures – the details of the fund and how to apply will be revealed at the event. They’ll be awarding ten emerging communities with a non-repayable grant and mentorship plus access and support from The Halley and its existing community.

When you’re in these creative spaces, it’s so important to take advantage of resources like this day conference with Orbit Live, the information you absorb at them is so valuable. Being able to ask experts in person feels much more personable, the things you learn are so much more likely to stick. You’ll also be able to network with likeminded individuals, which boosts that community ethos that Orbit Live is all about.

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