“I bring Chicago swagger to the dirty south culture” [@halievocalist] talks w/ [@Kodieshane]

 Kodie Shane – a star in the making.

At only 19 the young rapper Kodie Shane has established a loyal fanbase and is carving her own space a competitive industry. Kodie has already has stacked over 7M views on her track ‘Sad’ that features LIl Yachty. Continuing her musical development Kodie returns with her lead single ‘Do You Love Me Now’ (above).

This week, HALIE had the opportunity to interview Kodie, we discuss how she developed her sound, what she’s doing now and what she has planned for the future.


Many people will recognise you as part of lil Yachtys crew. How did this come about?

Kodie: Yachty invited me to feature on ‘All In’ and once that went well I guess he liked me and asked if i’d like to be first lady of his sailing team and I of course said yes!!


Describe a day in the life in the sailing crew

Kodie: Well, this is a tough question these days as Yachty has decided to focus his efforts elsewhere so sailing team is no longer sailing team as we knew it. I mean the guys will always be my brothers and we’ll continue to support one another to the fullest.


You moved around a lot when you were growing up. How did moving from Atlanta to Chicago then returning to Atlanta shape your musical journey?

Kodie: I think i’m the perfect mash up between Chicago and Atlanta, I bring Chicago swagger to the dirty south culture and “voila” magic.


You’re young and early in your career and you seem to embrace your youth – You don’t try to act older than you are, is this a conscious decision?

Kodie: Not so much, I aim to be comfortable in my skin and walk in my truth at all times.


You have a lot of female fans. Do you feel pressure to having to represent women in a male dominated genre or does it empower you?  

Kodie: Just being a female will always bring some pressure so i’m empowered by my femininity in general but honestly my fan base is more male than female believe it or not, i think its like 55-60% male.


You’ve been quoted saying that love has no boundaries and that you don’t confine to gender norms. Homosexuality is something that hip hop hasn’t traditionally been accepting of, but homophobia manifests differently against men and women. With your rising fame what experience have you had with homophobia?

Kodie: Let me first say that i don’t acknowledge homophobia – hate is hate. Within the industry I haven’t directly encountered any issues although i’m sure there’s some behind closed door stuff going on. I’ve noticed more issues with older listeners or onlookers; but i’m here for it, not going anywhere, definitely not scared , queer and loving it!


Where do your musical inspiration come from? Are there any events or artists that have shaped your sound?

Kodie: People ask me this often and i would have to say 90’s r&b is a huge part of who I am musically, as well as my dad and the music he instilled in me as a little girl.


Are there any UK artists you’ve discovered that you like?

Kodie: Honestly I haven’t been as exposed to UK artists as i’d like to be but i’m always digging and searching for something new and different. i’ve heard iamddb and she’s pretty fye.


Tell us about your latest single ‘Do You Love Me Now?’  What does it mean to you?

Kodie: Do you love me now just poses the question “what do I gotta do to get people to love me?”


What is your writing process like and how has it developed since your first project?

Kodie: Wow, when i first started writing I literally would write the lyrics in my phone or on paper and over time I just went a little more organic, lay a few melodies and kind of freestyle the lyrics as they come to me.


What is the next project set for release?

Kodie: I’m gearing up for my debut album to release late march of 2018!!


Where do you want Kodie Shane to be in 5 years time?

Kodie: In 5 years i hope to be a household name


What do you want to say to your fans here in the uk?

Kodie: Hey guys, thanks so much for all your support!! Stay down until we come up and stream stream stream!!! Making my way over in 2018 and it’s gonna be a party!!!


You’re about to go on tour supporting Jhene Aiko How do you feel about this?

Kodie: I’m super humbled to have the opportunity to work with both Jhene and Willow! Super amped to get out there and set the mood for them!!

Check out Kodie’s latest single ‘Do You Love Me Now’ above!


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