Black Eye – New Podcast highlighting the black
lived experience

Black Eye – New Podcast highlighting the blacklived experience

Hosted by Timi, an actor, producer, and content creator, he shares his views that have been shaped by his Nigerian heritage, childhood in Essex, and experiences of race in the U.K. Black Eye is his latest creative project which aims to create a space for listeners to learn, grow and

He embarks on a new solo project to share his perspective on a broader scope of topics, specifically his perspective on the world as a black male. Recognising a distinct lack of immersive, thought-provoking and honest dialogue in the podcasting world, Timi wanted to start a podcast that covered the topics people often avoid addressing. Emotional vulnerability and unfiltered honesty don’t come naturally to many, but the podcast aims to be a conversation starter that will trigger wider conversations amongst listeners.

Episode 1, Adulting Sucks, takes listeners through the life of a modern-day adult and the difficulties faced when trying to balance a multi-faceted existence. From hectic schedules to finances, laundry, and exercise – Timi describes how hard it can be to feel in control when there are so many responsibilities that come with being a fully functional adult. Socialising, saving, dating, hosting, being a good friend, and maintaining a good job – all whilst taking care of your mental health! It is by no means easy and Timi takes his listeners through his own experience with it all. Other episodes cover Loneliness, Imposter Syndrome, Boundaries, and Men’s Mental Health.

Black Eye is now live on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and all other major podcast streaming platforms.
Episodes are out weekly, every Monday. Links below!
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