Behind the creativity of LFW SS19 with [@OxfordFStudio]

Behind the creativity of LFW SS19 with [@OxfordFStudio]

So this fashion week, GUAP Magazine were able to get backstage passes to the amazing show conducted by Oxford Fashion Studio (OFS). The show had designers from all over the world showcasing their designs and talents.

We had the opportunity to interview some of the designers that at the show, with the main question being. ‘what was the biggest inspiration behind this collection’

Let me introduce you to Antoinette Wedia Raphael the designer and brains behind Raw War. Raw War is a brand created by the play on of her initials A, W & R. It is an edgy, androgynous, streetwear brand that encapsulates the designer’s unique style and identity through the use of oversized silhouettes, saturated colours, and bold prints. Her main inspiration behind the SS19 collection was the power of vibes and historical cultures such as oriental Japanese with cubism and pop art. This was definitely one of the teams’ favourite collection.

Alright now, let me introduce you to Kumesu, the home to luxury African handbags. When fashion meets art it creates Kumesu. Kumesu embodies everything luxury in Africa by using the finest material from Nigeria and collection names from Congo. The main aim of this brand is to showcase the raw talents and arts of people in Africa. It aims to empower wearers with the power and strength of Africa. Kumesu bags are handcrafted from top class materials by a team of local artisans with a remarkable manual ability and a deep desire to achieve the highest quality.

Lastly, let me introduce you to Miizu, a Malawian born collection created by the self-taught and self-motived Lillian. The collection is inspired by the Malawian culture including bright colours, bold African patterns and sexy but flattering silhouettes. Every woman that wore her piece on the runway embodied power, elegance and sophistication all at the same time.