Alt-rock artist and producer, Aziya is the genre’s most promising rockstar on the rise. You might have seen the multitalented singer on TikTok, breaking down how she produces with live instruments. Her latest offering, Lonely Castles encompasses themes of isolation and proves that loneliness can take shape in many forms as she explores these themes through a forcefield of fast paced post punk across the four track EP.

  She hits the ground running with ‘mars retrograde’, where she tackles being left on read. The way she articulates this feeling in her lyricism makes the yearning for a response clear as day. The electrifying bassline and pulsating drums create a high speed tempo, as if to represent the anxiety being ghosted can result in. 

 On grungy ‘atomic’, she touches on how real love is harder to find in the twenty first century because of dating apps and hookup culture. You can really feel the melancholy and loss of hope through the instrumentation, even though the pace doesn’t differ that much from the other songs in the EP, the mood has definitely shifted. The lyrics “Take me to the altar, and make me your bride / If it’s not right, we’ll just call it off after midnight” are the perfect example of the temporary bliss and fleeting feelings people experience dating under new devices like Hinge and Tinder. 

Lonely Castles is compelling and refreshing, sure to resonate with our generation and sonically solidifies Aziya as a rockstar you need to keep on your radar.

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