[@ayrtn777] Returns With Debonair Visuals for “CAUTION!”

[@ayrtn777] Returns With Debonair Visuals for “CAUTION!”

His steadfast confidence means he’s unafraid to jest and joke or even carry the song with just his voice when the beat drops out. Skating on minimalistic melodies and whirring noise, ayrtn matches this off-beat silhouette with punchy bars like, “After the show hop up in a cabby (cool) / man I got the tooly in my hand bag (yeah) / strap up with the Bible in my handbag”.

From its lawless production to its quirky lyrics, this is the kind of track and video which could be excitedly discovered years down the line by some music-head on a late-night youtube-rabbit-hole. The accompanying video, directed by Louis Lincoln, presents a stripped-back affair that features ayrtn in his natural habitat, bouncing from location to location across London.

ayrtn comments on the single: “I love to have fun with my music and this song is a very clear example of that. This one is abundant. The instrumental is very bouncy. My unconventional flow and bars are accompanied by an eerie yet sedative production which I feel goes hand in hand. I’m trying to establish a new sound that’s clear ahead from what you mostly hear in today’s climate. It’s a cool fun track for the sun seekers, I’m back baby”

Whether he is just having fun with it or tapping into the serious side of things –ayrtn never dissapoints– check out more from the artist below.

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