[@ATO_alexander] & [@errandboy_ksi] Join Arms in Ghana For Feverish New Single ‘Courts’

[@ATO_alexander] & [@errandboy_ksi] Join Arms in Ghana For Feverish New Single ‘Courts’

The polymath that is ATO and all-out independent artist Jay Bahd have brought forward their diverse influences for a collaboration which comes together like ginger and honey; a perfect confluence of sweet and peppery spice. A synth sine-wave bears the weight of the pairs contrasting flows; with ATO’s commanding vocals and Jay Bahd’s laboured rhythms. 

Hailing from Leeds and born to Ghanaian/ Danish parentage ATO has a knack for unearthing references which many have left to gather dust over the decades. From 70’s soul era to grime, or even a video of a woman who’d taken LSD in the 50’s on his popular track ‘Notion’.

Jay Bahd has shown he can’t be confined by a category. With his first globally recognised hit touching ground with 2020’s drill-saturated ‘Condemn’ featuring City Boy, O’Kenneth, reggie and Kwaku DMC. A track which readily became the summer soundtrack between my friends and I that year.

It’s safe to say this could well be my favourtie release so far this month, so if you need a new gem for your playlists this is just the track to add.