Artemartis Exhibition: Artistry In Unison

Artemartis Exhibition: Artistry In Unison

Ghanaian-based art savants and collective Artemartis have been in existence since 2018, championing and pioneering a youth-driven battle through the eclectic universe of artistry and the thrill it has long been known to bring. 

Art collective Artemartis

In all elements of their artistic pursuits, be it notes of realism to mind-bending abstracts and even dipping their toes in the waters of filmmaking, this art house has been known to bring the heat on a variety of fronts, all while sticking true to art that inspires and hurls tons of impact into the souls of many. 

Since its birth, this collective has become a home for Ghanaian artists to hone into the diversity of their craft and push their narratives, no matter how different, into the world. Such a mission rolls into existence with the aid of their exhibition, “When The Birds Fly Home,” in collaboration with Gallery 1957

Artemartis Group Exhibition

With work brought to life by a collective of able-bodied artists from all walks of the Ghanaian people, this exhibition carries cultural and societal essences which they tapped into together. These exceptional creatives certainly do not fail to deliver.

Gaining their inspiration from the uniqueness of their individual crafts and the strength from creating together, “When The Birds Fly Home” pays much-needed homage to the singularity of their thought processes in artistic creation as “birds” on the quest to unravel different layers of themselves and their art until they “fly home”: awaiting to present the fruits of their creativity to the people.

From the minds of Abdur Rahman MuhammadAraba OpokuAwanle Ayiboro Hawa AliCourage HunkeEfia Serwah BarningJames MishioJoshua Oheneba-TakyiKwaku Owusu Osei Achim and Kwaku Yaro, this exhibition is the first of its kind which has all members exhibiting in their motherland.

Art collective Artemartis
Courtesy of Artemartis

Brought to life in collaboration with Gallery 1957, “When The Birds Fly Home” captures the oneness of art on a scale that works perfectly alone but contributes to bouts of perfection in togetherness. This is a leading feat for the clan of Artemartis, as their range and artistic prowess aims to be displayed through this highly coveted exhibition.

Painting from Artemartis
Courtesy of Artemartis

Upon commencing on the 7th of February, “When The Birds Fly Home” has contributed to the growing art community on essential topics. Covering this wide range of issues in each presentation during this exhibition, Artemartis and Gallery 1957 do not hold back on the power they wield with the “When The Birds Fly Home” exhibition. All who have been in attendance are undoubtedly of the same belief now.

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