Apple Music’s HIP-HOP DNA Is The Perfect Radio Show For HIP-HOP Fans

Apple Music’s HIP-HOP DNA Is The Perfect Radio Show For HIP-HOP Fans

To celebrate Hip Hop’s 50th birthday, Apple Music and Ebro Darden have teamed up to decode Hip Hop in their latest series ‘HIP HOP DNA’. This series is perfect for music nerds and hip hop fans looking to learn more about the history of hip hop and how their favourite artists are influenced by older hip hop legends and how their influences are influenced by their influences, and so on and so forth. 

  Over the course of twenty episodes, Ebro will explore different themes in batches.

Here’s a look at their first five episodes that focus on the East Coast:

The Intro (Ep 1)

This introductory episode looks at the lineage of hip-hop and how the artists of today are inspired by other artists, and how those artists are inspired by other artists – you get the gist. It’s all linked and this episode uncovers hip-hop’s DNA.

Bronx Tale (Ep 2)

Bronx Tale unpacks on the borough’s most talented from newer faces such as Cardi B and French Montana to veterans like KRS-One and more. And while they’re decades apart, it’s so important to understand where it all started.

Just Wanna Rock (Ep 3)

Named after the smash hit by Lil Uzi Vert, this episode explores how rock influences rap artists such as Lil Uzi himself, Beastie Boys and Run DMC through sonics and aesthetic.

NY State of Mind (Ep 4)

This episode touches on New York’s biggest rap greats from modern stars like A$AP Rocky to old-school legends like Rakim. New York’s presence in hip-hop is huge, so it’s only right they’ve dedicated an episode to it.

It’s A Queens Thing, Baby (Ep 5)

Queens, New York is the birthplace to the likes of Nicki Minaj, Nas, A Tribe Called Quest and more. In this they unveil how each artist was inspired by the Queens great that came before them.

You can listen to the episodes here.