Apple Music unite Juls, Tom Moutchi and Hemah K to find out their Top 10 Most Important & Influential AfroBeats Tracks

Apple Music unite Juls, Tom Moutchi and Hemah K to find out their Top 10 Most Important & Influential AfroBeats Tracks

The growing globalisation and success of Afrobeats is undeniable. We’ve seen the genre evolve from dominating its homelands to becoming inescapable in the streets and parties of countries all over the globe. With both BurnaBoy and Wizkid scooping grammys in 2021 and artists like Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Chris brown and Future collaborating with African talent, it’s clear to see that the genre is here to stay in the West, the East, the South and the North, no corner left unturned. So if there were ever a time to tap in, it would be right now. 

In honour of Black History Month and the inevitably rising trajectory of Afrobeats, Apple Music with the help of a few industry experts, producers, artists and famous fans have curated a playlist featuring 100 ‘Afrobeats Essentials’ tracks. With sultry melodies, bouncy beats and warm vibes from a range of established, legendary and upcoming African artists, if you need a soundtrack to your Black History Month covering the full and vast spectrum of the genre – look no further. Listen to the full playlist here.

Photography By: Shane Duncan

To ease your way in Apple Music have also put together a panel consisting of Afrobeats producer and DJ: Juls, Actor, Writer and Musician: Tom Moutchi, as well as Comedian and Presenter: Hemah K to whittle down the 100 track long list to their personal top 10 most important and influential Afrobeats tracks of all time. 

The influence Afrobeats has had on the world is indisputable so condensing the boundless catalogue of new and old music into a list of 10 songs sounds near enough impossible to me. However, a little heated conversation, competitive banter and a few rearranges later Hemah, Juls and Tom have managed to do just that. Listen to the discourse behind the final list in the special edition of Blackout Radio here. – where all three are in conversation with Apple Music Lead Cultural Curator and Host Dotty about the influences of each of their picks, and the reasons behind each of their decisions.

Do your top ten Afrobeats songs of all time look a little like this? Have a look below:

Throughout the rest of October, Apple Music celebrates the foundational contributions of Black British artists – embodying the theme of “Growth”. Alongside Afrobeats Essentials, Apple Music launches a brand-new series of exclusive Home Sessions from artists Guvna B, Rachel Kerr, CalledOut Music, The Kingdom Choir and The Spirituals, special DJ mixes from global icon Sir DJ Corey, and rising Afrobeat DJ Mercedes Benson, and spotlights seminal albums by artists including Sampha, JME, Ms. Dynamite, Dave, Sade.

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