One week after it’s release we review Producer/singer/songwriter Osquello’s latest creation ‘Osquello’ – a prismatic collection of music that’ll put you in a time machine and send you back to the 80s.

Osquello‘s latest album Romero is a majestic opus that will you have you feeling like you time travelled back to the 80s. The magnetic energy that runs through the sonics of the project is that of a carefree, happy-go-lucky adolescent. It’s got this cosmic atmosphere to it that at most times on the album feels like it only comes alive in the middle of the night. It’s like the illumination of neon lights, drawing you in with the vivid production. Incorporating the synths of 80’s pop and funk’s groovy basslines, it’s a treasure chest full of gems.  

  The beat on ‘Red Area’, courtesy of producer Kamil Ademola resembles that of a pinball machine in terms of the way cascades underneath Osquello’s hazy vocals. The layers of production on ‘Cusp’ melt into each other. The enchanting harp and the alluring drums introduce the song to our ears as the dynamic guitar riffs come in and the drums go from gently complimenting the harp to riding the melody and accompanying the funk-laced guitar.

Natanya Popoola’s soulful, dulcet voice has the tenderness of a lullaby and the plush of velvet. Her feature creates an observant balance between the reminiscence of a failed relationship. Adding a woman’s perspective really emphasises the ambivalent feelings of the song that’s often felt of both parties when a good thing goes bad. 

   ‘Just Boy’ captures that feeling of riding a bike with your friends in summer, or driving with all your windows down in the middle of the night. The tempo just keeps moving forward, no turning back.

‘Sonic Sex’ is glittery and seductive, it’s here that we see Osquello’s vocals fluctuate from floaty and dreamy to sturdy and full of bass. ‘Cuffed’ is definitely something you could picture playing at a roller-disco, the range of synths and guitar riffs are exuberant and full of colour.

    The upbeat tempos are straight from a nightclub back in the day playing nothing but disco and are kept alive by immaculate production. Bursting at the seams with synths that keep the serotonin releasing in your brain from the moment you press play. The energy on it is electric, the guitar solos are otherworldly. He’s managed to encapsulate that warm buzz in the colour grading of retro films into the soundscape of his album. It feel likes you’re being submerged into euphoria. It’s a kaleidoscope full of pleasure and nostalgia. His vocals explore deep altos and airy falsettos. The vocal stylings are this perfect blend of alternative pop-tinged R&B/Soul, helping the album maintain a silky, smooth flow. He transfuses soft emotion with layers of funk and disco, delighting you with the vibes of a feeling that’s both flirtatious and fleeting. It would flawlessly soundtrack a coming of age movie set in the 80s. It’s got vibes that’ll make you crave the summertime, perfect for midnight motives with your friends when the city’s sleeping and you want to feel alive.


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