A Ti De “We Have Arrived”: Oye Diran Captures Retro Yoruba Fashion [@Oye_Diran]

A Ti De “We Have Arrived”: Oye Diran Captures Retro Yoruba Fashion [@Oye_Diran]

Creative director and photographer Oye Diran creates stunning images featured on Nataal recreating the vintage Yoruba fashion scene from the 60’s 70’s and 80’s . The campaign named ‘A Ti De’ meaning “we have arrived” suggests a new time for Africa.  As African designers such as Kenneth Ize, Thebe Magugu, Sindiso Khumalo and many others, are being recognised for their talents rooted and inspired by their African culture, the world is starting to see the wonderful designs and innovative capabilities of African fashion and this is only the beginning. 


The project celebrates retro Yoruba fashion depicting three women dressed in colourful traditional Yoruba garments, the clothing showcases different aspects of Nigerian fashion. One aspect of the shoot illustrating the women’s upper-class elegance and sophistication representing the often forgotten by western society, beauty and wealth within Nigerian culture. When looking at the ’60s through to the 80’s fashion,  many people consider American fashion as the pinnacle of sophistication and innovation forgetting the array of cultures having their own unique take on the 60’s trends. Another aspect of the shoot brings us all kinds of black girl magic with killer make up looks, classy hair do’s, coordinated outfits and headwraps. These looks bring together elements you might see in retro old skool movies along with classic traditional pieces and contemporary styling, the shoot explores the fun experimentation within retro Yoruba fashion.


 This year with more African festivals and African fashion entering the mainstream media, we will be seeing more and more people being inspired by African retro fashion and creating their own takes on today’s trends.