Creativity – Where does it come from?

Creativity is known for its ability to birth masterpieces in art, music, fashion, and the solution to life’s daily problems, creativity is something we all uniquely experience every single day. But how often do we stop to question its origin and existence in its assistance to our daily routines? As the home emerging of creatives, GUAP took on the investigative challenge to ask a diverse pool of creatives on creativity’s spectrum to disclose their thoughts on this very topic. From content creators to comedians, illustrators to models, visual artists to DJs, actors to presenters, and more — creativity harbors an insatiable curiosity.

Here’s a breakdown of the creative talent that took us on this conversational journey to better understand all things about creativity.

In conversation with us and each other, these creatives discuss and dissect whether creatives today are original or inspired by previous ideas that were once original. As well as in what ways creativity is and is not a collaborative process, what has inspired their creativity as creative professionals, and ultimately, their definition of what creativity is.

Hemah K: I would define my creativity as enhanced reality. I like to take things that happen to me or people I know on a daily basis and make them extra.

Bode Alade Jr: I would say animation is the act of simplifying reality. I would define creativity as a big what if?

Mamadinya: I think creativity will always be in demand. That’s why some people lose their authenticity as a creator, that’s why I always tell myself regardless of whether something is in demand, I will always take my time and do things how I want to do it.

Ehiz: Creativity can literally be anything.

Flashy Sillah: Ask me what I had for breakfast! I had Redbull and chewing gum – that’s what being a creative looks like on a day-to-day basis. 

Fola: We’re not saving lives directly but indirectly we are with the work that we put out. It inspires other people 

Shannon, Flashy Sillah & Mamadinya

Documentary Credits

Director & Producer: Alero Helena

Director of Photography: Shane Duncan

Assistant Producer: Sayo Olukoga

Poet: Ade Oyejobi

Featured Guests

Bode Alade Jr

Chris Chuky

Debbie Nosa

Ehiz Ufuah

Flashy Sillah

Fola Abatan

Hemah K


Mecia Simson

Sarah Abshir

Shannon Kathleen

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