It’s a new year, meaning that there are a whole bunch of artists to be looking out for. So here are some new and familiar faces that GUAP thinks you should be on the lookout for.

Nia Smith

20-year-old Nia Smith has a voice that captives a whole room without even trying, as the rawness of her soulful vocals draws you into the beautiful & vulnerable soul of hers. Amassing over 100k followers on TikTok, she has supported fellow artists Mahalia and Tems on tour, picking up tight-knitted supporters along the way, as she sold out her first solo show at BeauBeaus café on the 7th of December 2023. Nia Smith is bringing something beautifully authentic to the music scene, with 2024 looking like an exciting one for her.


Natanya, the “multidisciplinary artist and producer from Northwest London,” is an artist who encapsulates all genres as the vulnerability of her words takes you through the wave of her emotions, line by line and song by song. You’ve probably already heard her highly anticipated song ‘Angel’— which us and everyone else were dying for—but she also later released her long-awaited debut EP, Sorrow At Sunrise, on the 29th of September 2023. Having already opened for FLO on their tour, Natanya is an artist who is always bringing the unexpected.

Ama Louise

Ama Louise’s sweet and succulent voice is bringing back the nostalgic R&B vibes, as her teasers of her unreleased songs stay having us and her supporters in a chokehold on TikTok. Her refreshingly beautiful vocals and catchy choruses will instantly draw the attention of your R&B hearts, with 2024 being the year of more music from her.


Cristale’s slick bars and reflective lyricism are only getting sharper, and you can’t not pay attention to it. From being on Tiffany Calver’s Abbey Road Cypher to doing her own GRM Daily Duppy, her meticulous wordplay and distinct cadence is what makes Cristale the artist she is. Her latest singles, ‘Antisocial’ and ‘Artiste,’ show the level of craft she’s bringing in for 2024.

Chy Cartier

“Both were the lucky charms holding up my Van Cleef” are lyrics from the eagerly anticipated track, ‘Bossed Up,’ by the emerging rapper Chy Cartier. You recognised those lyrics, right? Chy’s grit and cadence instantly grab your attention, with 2024 looking to be an exciting one for her.


BXKS is a rapper whose flow has no limits, with singles ‘Back It Up’, ‘Cheque’, and ‘End Of Time’ showing off the versatility of the genre-breaking rapper. BXKS’s smooth flow and witty bars have the attention of everyone, with us being more than ready to hear even more music from her this year.


The “never failing to astonish us,” SamRecks has everyone obsessed with his laidback flow and melodic “lo-fi beats.” Being Nigerian-born and London-raised, SamRecks’s artistry has no limits, as his catchy choruses and punchlines only get sharper and better each time. Having already released his debut EP, Easier Said Than Done, back in May 2023, we can’t wait to see what he does this year.


The South London duo, Ads and Els, are coming through with witty wordplay, well-thought-out bars, and a whole bunch of vibes. From their catchy melodies to their energy, this rap duo is bringing back slick punchlines for the girls and boys, and we can’t wait to see what they cook up this year.


Emerging Afrobeats artist Mbrown is serenading the world with his sweet, succulent vocals and melodic tunes. His seamless blends of R&B and Afrobeats on tracks ‘Minimum Wage’ and ‘Desire’ show off his undeniable versatility as an artist, and we can’t wait to hear more of what he does.


3vs’s laidback flow and introspective mind have you wanting to hear and know more about the elusive slick-bar rapper. His genre-defying sound and crisp visuals are only the start of what’s to come for him, and we can’t wait to hear more.


LULU.’s soulful voice and sheer vulnerability on her latest two singles, ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Save Me’, are hitting the chords of people’s hearts, as you take in the beauty of her words and voice. The 21-year-old only started releasing music back in July 2023, and after hearing her two singles, she’s definitely one to keep an eye on.


Namesbliss’s clever wordplay and mixing of genres is on a level of his own, as the laidback wordsmith never fails to deliver hard-hitting punchlines and a mix of sounds every time. The London-based rapper’s EP, Light Of Mine, draws on everything Drill, Grime, and more, as the skilled rapper shows off the different layers of his artistry. The name, Namesbliss, is a name you don’t want to forget.


Grime MC and producer Duppy is bringing that high-energy and real grime flow as his punch-lined bars instantly take you back to that underground grime scene. It’s no surprise seeing all the buzz around him, after hearing him spit his bars with ease and seeing his rapid and magnetic energy. Grimeheads, keep your eyes on this one.


Singer-songwriter Äyanna has been pulling us into her whimsical and love-infused world, as her debut project, In A Perfect Worldshowed off the true artist that she is. The London-raised singer has a way of incorporating both Pop and R&B into her sound, showing off her limitless range and versatility, and why we should all be keeping an eye on her.

Kwoli Black

Kwoli Black’s intoxicating flow and smooth cadence are only a part of what makes him the “alternative hip-hop rapper” he is. His emotive and retrospective lyricism will have you feeling the gravity of his words as he raps over an array of beats. From, poetry to rap, Kwoli Black is an artist whose versatility knows no bounds.


Mellissa, a fresh and exciting voice, is an emerging talent from Accra’s dynamic music scene, with her distinctive “Afro-sexy” sound drawing the attention of everyone. Her captivating voice and melodic songs are making waves across the world, showing us all why our eyes should be on her.

Midas The Jagaban

Midas The Jagaban is coming through with high-beam energy as she seamlessly blends Afrobeats and UK Afroswing into her catchy and playful songs. Bursting onto the scene with her breakout hits ‘Come We Bill Eh’ and ‘Party With A Jagaban,’ she’s an artist who is always giving 100% of her energy to her vast and captive audience, and we can’t wait to see more of what she gives us.

Lifesize Teddy

Lifesize Teddy, “the formidable new talent,” is vibrant and fearlessly expressive in her unique Afrobeats-centred sound. She’s making her own rules whilst fiercely putting her city’s sound on the map.

Leah Music

Emerging star Leah Music is taking the hearts of all R&B/Hip-Hop lovers with her catchy choruses and self-reflective lyrics. Her viral hit ‘S2BU’ had all her supporters screaming her lyrics, showing us all why she’s one to watch.

No Guidnce

No Guidnce, aka Zeekay, Josh, Kaci, and Ebubé, is bringing back all the R&B feels on singles ‘Is It A Crime?’ and ‘White Tee.’ For everyone that’s been needing a new boyband to obsess over, keep your eyes on them, because they’re the ones.

Say Now

Did someone say they need a new girl band? Well, meet Say Now, aka Amelia, Maddie, and Yssy, the Pop/R&B girl group that is singing us through all our messy and complicated emotions. The trio’s stunning vocals and honest speaking lyricism are making a mark on the hearts of many, as these three special girls work their way to the top.

Summer Banton

Emerging songstress Summer Banton is bringing back all the nostalgia with her rich, soulful voice and clean-cut music videos. The R&B singer’s beautiful vocals and heartfelt lyrics are not only vulnerable but catchy and relatable too. Her latest single, ‘Be My Guest’, shows us all why she’s one to watch.


Coming from a Tamil background, Pritt’s stunning R&B vocals and melodic Asian melodies beautifully combine the two worlds in a way you’ve never heard before. Her wispy and angelic vocals on ‘Kaalam’ bring you into the beautiful culture of her music, leaving you with captivating melodies that’ll whisk you away.

Alana Maria

The West-London singer is giving us beautiful vocals and vulnerability, as ‘Sticks n Stones’ had us all feeling her bare emotions. Alana is an artist whose versatility is constantly evolving, as her latest single ‘Yeah Yeah remix ft. Haile’ shows off the different types of sounds she can give her supporters.

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