Vibes Ambassador L.A.X Speaks on His Latest Release ‘No Bad Vibes’ [@IZZLAX]

Vibes Ambassador L.A.X Speaks on His Latest Release ‘No Bad Vibes’ [@IZZLAX]

In the quirky VIP lanes of Queens London, I caught up with L.A.X as he shared the inspiration behind his highly anticipated album, ‘No Bad Vibes. The high-energy project spans twelve tracks and offers dancefloor-ready serenades that have come to life over the past two years. ‘No Bad Vibes’ was born during months of touring when L.A.X was increasingly inspired to make music representing the person he has become and began piecing it together between Lagos, Amsterdam and London. Handpicked features from Black Sherif, Ayra Starr, Konshens, Loui and Ronnie Flex bring a selection of leading musicians from around the globe into L.A.X’s musical world that earned him the reputation as the ambassador of vibes.

Bethel: Why is it important for you to make feel-good music? I’d love to know what this means to you. 

L.A.X: I’m at the stage where I’m not thinking too much about how I want my music to be accepted. I’m just thinking about how I want my music to make people feel, so it is more the feeling than numbers or any other thing. That’s why I’m in that space. It’s important to me because that’s what I want to look back at in five,ten years, and I did what I wanted to do like how I felt.

Bethel: You’ve been making good music for a couple of years now, it’s not just this album. What is it that makes you the Ambassador of Vibes?

L.A.X: I feel like it’s just my vibe. I’m just very chilled cool and I express myself mostly through my music too. 

Bethel: You’re very different now because I saw you at the album launch, what I saw was a different personality. Does the stage make you feel different? 

L.A.X: For most people, their peace comes from when they are away from everything music, but my peace actually comes from being on stage, being in the studio, so everything music actually gives me peace. So that’s why I’m different. I’m more calm when I’m in my person.

Bethel: Your album touches on the themes of love, romance and casual relationships. How accurately would you say this album has captured your romantic adventures?

L.A.X: I feel like I’m a very romantic person and I like love a lot, but I still made sure that I sang songs on the album for single people, as to like touch different areas. 

Bethel: Okay, so bounce is a really good song, would you say that’s for the single person?

L.A.X: Yeaahh, that’s what I was saying. So ‘Bounce” is more for the single people rather than people in relationships. 

Bethel: Tell me about the artists on this album. What inspired you to feature each person?

L.A.X: So for me, I work with like energy and I always work with vibes. So for everybody on the album, I like their vibes and we work without stress, and that’s why I made sure that they were on the album with me. 

Bethel: Yeah, it shows. You can really feel the energy from the songs. 

Bethel: Did you face any challenges working with several different styles and sounds? 

L.A.X: No, I feel like any song that didn’t make the album, I struggled with it. For every song that was on the album, it came easy. It came by the Grace of God, everything happened naturally.

Bethel: How has the tour been so far ?

L.A.X: It’s been amazing! I’ve done two shows out of twenty-five now, and the tour has been very very good. Great crowd, great energy.

Bethel: How have you been managing the stress of the tour schedule?

L.A.X: When I’m on tour, I travel with like a three man team so it’s like my peace time as well. When I’m on tour I go to the stage to perform and I have the whole deal to reminisce about my life, make decisions, call loved ones. When I’m creating in Lagos or in London, it’s like everything happens so fast. I have no time to sit back, no time to chill and everything is just quick, quick, quick. 

You can listen to L.A.X’s new album below to catch some infectious, good vibes!

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