Top picks from new vintage line RZR Denim by [@mariapigeon]

Top picks from new vintage line RZR Denim by [@mariapigeon]

Fashion stylist Maria Pearl has launched a new bespoke denim line called RZR Denim 

With over 12k followers on Instagram fashion stylist, Maria Pearl uses her platform to share a stylish bargain. On the website, she states that she started the brand because:

since 2014 she had been fringing and altering her own denim. Due to popular demand and constantly being asked to customise denim she saw a gap in the market for the distinct technique she had mastered, it was time to share this with the world.

Everything from the brand is designed and handmade in London. She reworks and customises vintage denim to create one-off pieces. We’ve had a look through the first releases and although everything is fire, we’ve picked our top 5 from the collection.

  1. Fusain fringed cropped shirt, £40.00

2. Tommy Hilfiger ‘glance’ fringed jeans, £45.00

3. ‘Roadmap’ bleached jeans, £45.00

4.  ‘Prancer’ fringed mini skirt, £30.00

5. ‘Milkmaid’ cropped bleached jacket, £40.00