ON OUR RADAR: KARL BENJAMIN [@karlbenjaminn]

ON OUR RADAR: KARL BENJAMIN [@karlbenjaminn]

WHO: Karl Benjamin [@karlbenjaminn]


WHERE: West London

Rising singer-songwriter Karl Benjamin will have you lost in his “velvet soft vocals” and his self-reflective lyricism that will have you running through his whole discography. He’s fresh, different and constantly showing the music scene what sets him apart from the rest.  

Photography by Pip Jay King

Karl Benjamin released his first single titled ‘Apricot Sky’ on November 17th, 2020, a melodic beauty with Karl’s soulful voice piercing through the sweet harmonies- the song that introduced the West Londoner to the world. He then dropped his second single ‘Moon’ on February 4th, 2021, which had all his listeners in their feels as he sweetly sings about being in love with a very special someone. ‘Moon’ was also accompanied by some beautiful visuals featuring the special woman he was singing about.  

Karl’s third single ‘Friends’ released March 4th, 2021, has a melancholy feel to it as the introspective West Londoner tells us about his doubts and feelings. The singer-songwriter then released his first four-track EP D.R.I.S.T (deep-rooted insecurities and shy tendencies) just three weeks later which is made up of songs Apricot Sky, Moon, Mortal and Friends. It’s an EP that brings you into the raw and honest feelings of Karl Benjamin. 

His most recent singles ‘Selfish’ and ‘Xpensive’ both released in 2022 are catchy and melodic on the ears. 

He’s on our radar and should be on yours! 

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