Meet the Founder [@amaanduffer] of Hot Girl Jewellery Brand, Basliq

Meet the Founder [@amaanduffer] of Hot Girl Jewellery Brand, Basliq

One of the youngest designers to ever be worn at the Met Gala, Amaan Duffer is the founder of the sustainable jewellery brand, Basliq. Basliq has been seen on Gigi and Bella Hadid, Doja Cat, Winnie Harlow, and more with the tagline Hot Jewellery for Hot Girls. GUAP sits with Amaan to learn more about his whirlwind journey with Basliq and its impact on his community. 

GUAP: How did Basliq come to be? 

Amaan: I’ve always had an interest in design and making clothes. I have sketchbooks filled to the brim from 2011, and there’s even a picture of me from when I was eight years old, with a hideous wedding dress I made for my cousin! 

When I was 15 and needed material for a portfolio to apply to CSM, I started Basliq. have it’s been a lot of “how to” youtube videos and intentional business and sourcing plans because I’m self-taught, and Basliq is so mission-oriented. Growing the brand out of my childhood bedroom has been an adventure.

GUAP: Do you ever feel the burden of age on you when you’re in rooms with older, more established creatives? 

Amaan: 100%. I feel like I’m not taken seriously a lot of the time. But, I let my work speak for itself. If someone chooses to see me as some dumb kid, I know that’s going to come back to bite them in a couple of years. 

I also think that because I’m Gen Z, I take more risks and have a better understanding of what people like to see. If you look at other jewelry brands’ social media pages, they only post products. On the other hand, Basliq packs our feed with lifestyle pictures… just hot girls having fun in our jewelry. 

GUAP: How does Basliq impact your community and culture? 

Amaan: I like to think of my community as other younger people in fashion who have always dreamt of being, doing, and creating big things. As Basliq grows, I consciously invite my customers and other young people like me into the rooms I now can access. The brand’s grassroots approach is proof that people who look like me and relate to me belong everywhere we want to be, and that is pushing culture forward. 

GUAP: What are your Do’s and Don’ts for other young creatives? 



– Always have a business card. It’s great to share your Instagram, but sometimes, old school sticks better. I have matchboxes with my email and website!  

– Be nice to everyone. You don’t want a reputation for being rude or demanding.


– Have the first question you ask someone at an event be what they do. 

– Pretend not to know who the person is if you know them and their work. Ask them about their work, respect it, and follow up on email -especially if they want to enjoy and not work that night. 

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