Super producer & fashion mogul, KwolleM, drops his long-awaited project, Melo—an album full of rich, meticulous beats and polished, introspective bars. Melo, named after KwolleM’s daughter, is the core of his musicality, as he seamlessly mixes an array of influences while delivering well-thought-out bars that draw on moments of vulnerability. Welcome to the world of a man who just became a father; welcome to the musical mind of KwolleM.

‘GIRLDAD ft KwolleM, Joe James, SLAWN, Melo’ sees Joe James talking about his newfound outlook on life as he lets us all know that it’s “Jimmy Joe GIRLDAD now” with “a bedtime story on ice” as the song sweetly includes the voice of the star, Melo. ‘Grandma’s Kitchen ft KwolleM, AJ Tracey’ is beautifully nostalgic and ironically reminiscent of the days when you would step into your “grandma’s kitchen” while ‘No Heart ft KwolleM, Joe James, Novelist, Ashbeck’ soulfully starts with the sample ‘I’d Rather Hurt Myself’, by Randy Brown, as it then smoothly switches into a grime-like beat where Novelist and Ashbeck show off their crafty lyricism and distinctive flow.

As we get to the last half of the project, the polished bars and musical production are still going strong, as ‘Mainstream ft KwolleM, Ghostpoet, Joe James, Rayf, Tinchy Stryder’ starts with a nostalgic, reminiscent feel to it. The catchy chorus “this year I’m tryna get mainstream money” reminds you of the early grime days, as if you’re underground watching people spitting on the mic. KwolleM is someone who could spin a track you wouldn’t even think of, and ‘End of Time ft KwolleM, BXKS, and Unknown T,’ track 10, does exactly that. They’re a duo you never knew you needed to hear until now, as BXKS and Unknown T smoothly flow on a beat you’ve never heard them spit on. The last song, ‘110s ft KwolleM, DC’ is short and reflective as it reminds you what the album and both KwolleM and close collaborator, Joe James, are all about: two visionaries whose perspectives have become abundantly clearer with the help of two very special executive producers, Xenia and Melo, the daughter of Joe James and the daughter of KwolleM. If you haven’t heard the project yet, check it out below.

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