Ike Chuks [@IkeTheKidd] drops energetic Igbotic EP

Ike Chuks [@IkeTheKidd] drops energetic Igbotic EP

Ike Chuks brings his patented blend of flair on sophomore project Igbotic.

Igbotic is a combination of all of the things that Ike Chuks has built up his name off. It is a project that has clear international reach with the UK and Nigeria being the regions it will undoubtedly be received the best due to its sound. The project sits somewhere between Afro-Swing and Afro-Pop, a sound that can’t help but make you want to move and get a smile on your face. It is the perfect soundtrack to summer with a mix of uptempo as well as mellower tracks.

What makes Ike Chuks stand out from his contemporaries is his use of language. Whilst mixing languages is part and parcel of the global nature to the Afro sound, Chuks does it particularly well. It is both pronounced yet cohesive when he switches between English, Pidgin English, and Igbo. This makes for a creative and eclectic mixture of tracks with each language getting to shine as the star across the body of work. It is this mix and creative process that Chuks credits as being ‘Igbotic’, hence the project name.

The projects 14 minute run time is a masterclass in the ever growing sounds inspired by Africa. Whilst Chuks takes centre stage, he also enlisted some amazing talent in the forms of Mystro and Boj to add something extra on two tracks. Both have previously collaborated with Tiwa Savage, as well as Boj having worked with one of the UK’s most well known faces Skepta. They provide a nice change of pace and showcases two Alté talents that are setting themselves up well to take on the world stage.

All in all, Igbotic is a great project and an exciting showing from the UK’s ever adapting Afro-inspired scene. Hopefully, we will see Ike Chuks platform continue to grow after the release of this feel good filled project. With several tracks already having been playlisted by Spotify, he is going to be one to watch for sure.