Going Back To The 80’s, 90’s And 00’s With Converse Pro Leather Through The Decades

Going Back To The 80’s, 90’s And 00’s With Converse Pro Leather Through The Decades

Pro Leather Through the Decades: Three defining eras of court and street culture.

When the original Converse Pro Leather came out in 1976, it was unknowingly the birth of an icon. Kicking off a new defining era of self-expression. What followed were three of the most influential decades in basketball, hip-hop and skateboarding culture that defined streetwear as we know it today. Fitting perfectly with our desire to promote self-expression, we’ve teamed up with Converse to kick off our first #GUAPLOOKS challenge, to encourage you to #CREATEATHOME. Stay tuned on our Instagram for a chance to win the Converse Pro Leather Three Decades pack.

From the loud and bright 80s fashion entering into conservative basketball attire. To the 90s influence of hip-hop culture both on the court and in early skateboarding circles and then into the 2000s, all three subcultures intertwined to create a collective urban culture. The Pro Leather was at the beginning of it all. As a tribute to this legacy, Converse created three bold new versions of the timeless classic. Inspired by each decade and reimagined for today’s modern converse lovers. 

The limited-edition Pro Leather Through the Decades: 

Releasing today the 80’s Pro Leather is a throwback to the golden era with a bold new take on the Pro Leather, inspired by iconic basketball looks at the time. The classic is influenced by the ‘80s with an oversized, coloured Chenille Star Chevron in two shades of refreshing blues retailing at £80.

Releasing on the 10th of April the 90’s Pro Leather is inspired by the skate, basketball, and hip-hop styles of the 90’s. A retro refit with masterful craftsmanship. A low top sneaker in premium leather with craft detailing, special ghillie lacing and rubber-coated lace locks and the classic signature Star Chevron and Converse license plate. The 90’s Pro Leather will also be on sale for £80.

On sale for £90 the 00’s Pro Leather releasing on the 11th of April is inspired by the bold colour-blocking and fabrics used in the early 2000’s on some of the most iconic streetwear of that era. A premium suede/nubuck sneaker with Chuck 70’s inspired detailing layered on a midsole. Converse brings back some much needed old skool feel to streetwear and combines it with today’s trends and styles.

Always creating with a story Converse uses its historic creative background to build and innovate giving us nostalgia with added modern elements relatable to both younger and older sneakerheads. The story started in 1976, the Pro Leather is a seemingly unassuming sneaker that carried more than its weight in cultural significance. For Converse, it represented an evolution in product, as the first full-grain leather hoops shoe to feature the Star Chevron logo, now a defining aspect of the Converse basketball 80s and 90 and a symbol of the brand coming back into the game.

For the basketball community, the Pro Leather was a representation of pure style from the people that wore it, like the legendary Julius Erving aka Dr. J, to the team colors it portrayed on its simple yet structured white leather upper, to the moments that athletes propelled themselves to incredible heights from the ground.
The Converse Pro Leather Three Decades pack is available on converse.com and select retailers. Remember to keep an eye on our Instagram for more details on our #GUAPLOOKS challenge with the chance to win the Converse ‘80s, ‘90s and ‘00s Pro Leathers featured! 


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