Five For Friday: [@_nezsa], [@jordyinit], [@lukervv], Miki & Yael Daila

Five new tracks you should stream this week. With fresh sounds from Nesza, Jordy, Miki, Luchi Blue, Luke RV & more
by SOPHIA HILL May 6, 2022

The tide of new music never seems to stop coming in and friday being one of the most intense days for new music we can understand if it all feels a little overwhelming. that’s why we’ve delved into the deepest and darkest corners of the musical ocean to bring you five for friday: our weekly round-up of the crème de la crème in new music.

Jordy – “Enemies”

FROM: North London, UK

GENRE: rap

The single is like a blaring siren for Jordy’s arrival as he clears the stage for his forthcoming EP ‘KMT’; a highly anticipated record with Jordy being marked as a UK rapper to watch across some of the biggest publications. Following on from his self-actualising ‘SMH’–Jordy opens his next chapter in recognising the development and maturation that he has discovered; fighting his way through the mystifying smoke and mirrors of the industry. Speaking on the single, Jordy adds;  “Enemies is what it says on the tin, it’s a common theme throughout the upcoming project – the modern-day warfare of fake friends. The track is an insight into my outlook of having authentic people in my corner, it also captures the thoughts and challenges of new people trying to enter my space and circle.”

Nezsa – “Trouble

FROM: Canada

GENRE: alternative r&b / neo-soul

Nezsa is out for revenge. In her alternative landscape of intoxicating melodies and enticing rhythms, Nezsa is laying down the law and standing her ground against a toxic ex-beau. Speaking on the single the Canada-based Nigerian artist adds “‘Trouble’ came to me so naturally. Gbeduboss sent me the beat and I was immediately enthralled by the heavy baseline and overall dark vibe. The story is inspired by some of my own experiences, but it’s also dedicated ‘To All the Heartbreakers’, just as the EP is named. It’s a very empowering song because it’s about standing up to those who’ve hurt you and reclaiming your agency, finally showing them that you’re not weak.”

Luchi Blue ft. Luke RV – “Drowning”

FROM: South East London + South Wales, UK

GENRE: alternative rap

South East London’s Luchi Blue has teamed up with Welsh rapper Luke RV. The single is pulled from Luchi’s ‘Trapped In My Mind’ EP–an exploration in the discomfort of loss, growth and heartbreak. The song rolls out with the tide and ends with the sounds of crashing waves – a fitting setting for Luchi as he reminds us of the calming and serene nature that the colour blue and sound of water can evoke even in the most choatic times.

Miki – “Misunderstood”

FROM: Paris, France

GENRE: Indie Rock / Japanese City Pop

The 23-year-old artist/ director is someone who has taken each experience in her life and knitted them into the stitches of her creative fabric. From growing up in Luxembourg to studying in England, then moving to South Korea to learn her mother tongue, and eventually settling in Paris. Here, she has become immersed deeply into her two passions: music and cinema, the perfect marriage for the artist who leaves no stone unturned in her music.

Yael Daila – “Like That

FROM: Netherlands

GENRE: soul / r&b

Netherlands-based artist Yael Daila is setting her tone in perfect harmony. Her liquifying cadence carries you from word to word emanating the flow of oozing honey through revitalising, soulful sounds. At 23-years-old she is working arduously to fine-tune her striking and highly detail-oriented artistry. “Like That” tells a tale where a man has been sucked into Yael’s introspective multiverse, reflecting on the challenges of dependency as she claims and asserts her fortified independence.