[@Awate91] makes a powerful statement about social cleansing with Displaced

AWATE uses his track Displaced as an ode to his estate Maiden lane before it’s town down.
Commenting on the changing social cleansing of our working class and communities of colour AWATE describes the realities we don’t see reflected in the media.
An ode to black people power AWATE’s lyricism and creative layers in Displaced is truly standout
Displaced is taken from the Shine Ancient EP watch it above.

AWATE had this to say:

“I’m a refugee and wanted to show how it felt growing up in the estate; being chased and told I was an alien. The suit was inspired by Afronauts and Power Rangers and the intro was a reference to Mr. Bean. The backstory is that the version of Eritrea that my parents struggled for, that never was, actually existed on another planet. That’s where my papers come from.”
AWATE will be on tour around the UK with Lowkey in September.

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