A ‘GRL GNG’ Journey 

A ‘GRL GNG’ Journey 

Naomi, known as NaySap, is the creative empowering and unifying women from creative industries to network together as one. ‘GRL GNG’ started about 3 years ago born out of frustration from seeing a lack of women to interview in the music industry, Naysap came up with the idea to create female cyphers with a twist, each cypher would have a singer. Only months after the project took off, Shoreditch Boxpark offered the ‘go getter’ a consistent show space, which developed into today’s platform.  

Ready to add her touch, the freelancer across editorial fashion styling and video directing, explains how at the beginning this started off as an idea to only create cyphers, bring women together in the music industry because there wasn’t anything like it and there was space for it, then it turned into what it is now.”

Can you measure change in 3 years? Looks like the lack of female representation in the music industry at the time has improved today. “You can see a lot of girls doing their thing, that’s why I wanted to highlight and do something for the ladies, make it feminine and celebrate womanhood.” 

If you know much about cyphers, my first thought was ‘Rhymesayers’ who are American, their YouTube platform was the first exposure I had to the concept of cyphers whilst growing up. Keen to know whether ‘GRL GNG’ was American influenced is the next verse of this story.

“I think ‘GRL GNG’ is just really a reflection of me and my style, in terms of the aesthetics and brand, I don’t actually do anything in music for now, – it’s mainly influenced by London culture and things I am interested in.”

With each chapter, comes reflection, when asking the following question, a nostalgic sigh flooded the vibes. “The journey so far has been amazing, from the first event up until now, the energy, the vibes have been sick, the turn out of people that come out and show us support is always great. It’s been quite difficult creating content consistently as everything comes from my pocket, and I freelance, so I’m not always able to pay for videographers or editors, slowly but surely we’re getting there though.”

Lost in a thought, a moment that stands out the most “ is just hearing people’s feedback and meeting people who are recognising what ‘GRL GNG is about and appreciating what it is. Since the collective started it’s made a really big impact in the lives of the artists we have worked with, some people have now moved onto bigger things which is amazing, to people truly loving the vibes, we’ve created a space where people can feel the love, I just think supporting the ladies and being supported by the community, is just really amazing.”

Who are the artist’s that stand out the most who have worked with ‘GRL GNG’? To name a few “Ray Blk, Alika, Misha B, there’s so many ladies. Overall for ‘GRL GNG’ the mission I want to set out is to create a hub for all females in the creative industries, ladies that DJ, direct, do make-up, styling, hair, produce.. We are starting to do interviews with these ladies to highlight and showcase them as well. I’d like to travel around the UK, travel round the world and take over this scene.

If you weren’t curious to know what the female cypher founder listens to, you’re in for a surprise. Only old school 90’s R&B right now is on her playlist, taking us waaay back to that golden music age. To stay up to date with what’s going on, the ‘GRL GNG SHOW’ is every Wednesday from 7-9pm on ‘thisiswestside’.  Could you be the next female to enter a freestyle cypher? Get in touch on socials and ride this movement as one. @GRLGNGLDN

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