[@_TheBridgeMedia] Presents Their Exciting New Web Series “House party”

An award-winning production house, The Bridge media prides itself in being a team of young in-house professionals, whose varied experiences in TV, Film and Online media has made them a force in the creative industry.

The Bridge media is passionate about showcasing fresh British talent from diverse backgrounds. With two sold-out independent films screenings namely Squeeze and Handle with care, along with a theatre production (Sirens) and not to mention a successful run of the female-led panel show Heels Off, House party is their next masterpiece. It’s a new web series drama about a friendship group built on lies, secrets and hidden agendas. Malachi, Derrick, Lola, Lisa and Ben; five friends that met at University, become prime suspects in a murder case when Malachi dies at the annual new year’s eve party.


A highly anticipated four-part drama from award-winning director Josh Bridge and written by Temi Yussuf, the first episodes starts with an ecstatic vibe. People are drinking and enjoying themselves until suddenly the mood changes as it switches to an interrogation room, where the atmosphere is tense and the characters look anxious. Through a series of flashbacks from the New year’s house party to the interrogation room, each individual is forced to confront the lies they have told and what went down that night.

Leading the pack is Derrick (Derek Oppong, The Desert, Shrink). His clever, witty comebacks at the police’s questions make you wonder whether he’s hiding something or just trying to get under their skin. His partner, Lola (Sharon Oji, Holby City), on the other hand, is the house party hostess. Confident and bold, she is revered as the matriarch of her group but like her friends, she is harbouring a secret of her own. Their relationship is questionable as in one scene, Derrick completely moves out of the way when Lola leans in for a kiss.

In Lola’s shadow lives the often underestimated Lisa (Tomi Sunmonu, Waterloo Road, Any Exit) who is mirrored by latecomer Ben (Chae McFarlane FAME The musical), a shy tech genius. He clearly looked self-conscious and in the interrogation room, he was going off a tangent and wasn’t sticking to the questions being asked.

This makes us wonder. Could he be a culprit or is this his natural demeanour?

The investigation is led by 2 detectives, Shilpa Kapur (Soolaya Rose, The Family Series, TV Footballers) and her partner Detective John Miller (Reece Palmer-Lacey, 12 Nights with the Grulems) who relentlessly dig for the answers, asking the friends tough questions to achieve only one goal; unmask the murderer.

There’s a lot of questions that need to be answered. Why was there blood on Derrick’s shirt? Why did Lola drop a pill in (supposedly) Ben’s drink and what did Malachi want to tell Lola that was so urgent? Could there be something between them? Has Lola got something to do with the murder?

House Party will be on for 4 consecutive weeks. Stay tuned to Episode 2 to find out what happens!

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