Capturing all the Vibes from Stormzy Presents: @adidasUK House of Football Event

Capturing all the Vibes from Stormzy Presents: @adidasUK House of Football Event

Every great story needs a villain and all the talk before the game was centred around one man and one man only, Luis Suarez. A man who Brits know incredibly well from his time playing for Liverpool in the Premier League. The last time these two teams met, back in 2010, Ghana were beaten after Suarez handled the ball preventing a clear cut goal for Ghana. Although he was rightfully sent off and Ghana were awarded a penalty; Ghana missed the penalty with Suarez celebrating from the sidelines as Uruguay went through to the next round.

Kick Off was 4pm and the space was beautifully designed with vintage sofas, lamps and other trinkets that really made you feel as if you were sitting around the TV with your family. There was a bar with a custom menu curated by black owned spiced rum brand, Las Olas. There were also staff dotted around the room serving traditional African snacks including plantain chips, chin chin and more. Guests started arriving from around 3:30pm and the vibes were immaculate as DJ Rachael Anson was playing some bangers while people were getting in the mood for the game.

So as stated before, every story needs a villain but every story also needs a hero. In this case our hero was Stormzy, a man who unapologetically represents his blackness and his nation, Ghana. Not only this, but his third album ‘This Is What I Mean’ had just dropped the week prior. As Stormzy and his team entered the room, just before kick off, there were murmurs that the album could get the number one spot. At this point everyone was hopeful for a double victory, with a win for both Ghana and Stormzy.

As the game kicked off, you could see the Ghana flags waving and hear the chants of support. The room was filled with friends and family of Stormzy, from his mum, to Melissa’s Wordrobe, Harry Pinero, NSG, Juls, Anthony Yard and more. The first half itself was a feast of entertainment and drama with Ghana being awarded a penalty but missing. A series of events which really had the crowd going through a rollercoaster of emotions. At this point the game was still in the balance and people were still hopeful; until the antagonist himself, Luis Suarez, showed up getting two assists to give Uruguay a 2-0 lead going into half time.

At this point, everyone had started losing hope that Ghana could come back but once the food started coming out, the party vibe started to pick back up again. Jollof rice with stew and chicken was circulating the room and everyone was tucking in.

Although Ghana went on to lose the match, It’s safe to say that Ghanaians are winning regardless. After the game, a member of Stormzy’s team announced that Stormzy’s album had secured the number 1 spot in the country. A massive achievement, which filled the room with a feeling of jubilation and joy. On top of the success Stormzy is having, he is also spearheading a movement of Ghanaians in the UK and in Africa doing amazing things in the creative industry. Acts such Yawtog, Headie One, Black Sheriff and more all having an exceptional year. Not only this but Ghana has also become the go to spot in December for millennials of the diaspora. This trend has been exacerbated in recent years due to the effect of the success of Ghanaian musical acts bringing together the community and shining a light on the culture.

The event itself was a blast, It felt so good to be in a room full of successful individuals doing amazing things in a multitude of industries. Thank you to adidas and Stormzy for inviting us, despite the result we had a great time and enjoyed both the match and the great company.

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