Meet our 2021 World Art Day winner, Jazmin Zyila

Meet our 2021 World Art Day winner, Jazmin Zyila, a digital artist from East London
by ELSIE CULLEN Apr 13, 2022

We caught up with multi-disciplinary artist Jazmin Zyila, following her winning our World Art Day competition. I first met Jazmin in 2016 when she was based in Australia capturing and creating content from her travels around the world. She was probably one of the first creative content creators that I had ever come across and I was instantly drawn to the care and consideration she put into the curation of her social media platforms. Back then I knew her as a photographer, music manager and fine artist. However, 5 years down the line, Jazmin has begun experimenting more with digital illustration, exploring themes of spirituality, nature and metaphysical science. Aside from that, she continues to keep a finger in the music industry by working on several cover releases from the musicians in her community. 

What inspires your creative work?

My intensive study of self with Kemetic Science is one of my main sources of inspiration. I’m currently studying how Ancient Egyptians observed the world around them and built systems to further understand and achieve enlightenment. I use my finished pieces or sketches as a reminder of a lesson or teaching I have received. My hope is for others to perceive my work in the same manner.

What are your fave mediums to work with?

A number of things, anything from a song to a subject I’ve researched. Recently I’ve been expressing new discoveries from my studies visually and working with recording artists. For example, the piece below is the cover art for Producer and Artist MadeByMagic’s single, Come Follow Me‘. The design explores the concept of returning to self and your roots or home.

For the last 3 years I’ve been using Photoshop and Procreate, however my love for visual arts started with varied mediums, particularly watercolour and photography. I would spend hours creating ‘moons’ on pieces of card and experimenting with different colours and textures. 

I also spent some time travelling Australia & Asia, it was there I developed a love for photography, I mainly captured landscapes and nature. I aimed to encapsulate a moment in time for others to perceive what I deem as beautiful in the world we live in. 

What themes does your work explore?

My most recent work explores the natural world and our connection to Earth and Kemetic Science. As mentioned before, I love creating pieces that remind me of discoveries from personal study, for example, two of my pieces ‘Supra Caput’ and ‘I and I’ explore the concept of separation and polarity through the use of symbology and nature. My aim is to take those viewing these pieces into a space where they can reflect and observe, both their inner and outer worlds. We can very easily become a product of our environment which is usually to our detriment, but with stillness, observation and self enquiry we can discover our true identity.

Where do you hope to take your work in the future? 

My hope in the coming years is to educate and inspire anyone who encounters my work. I want to contribute to unity consciousness on our planet and encourage individuals to manifest their dreams with tools we all have access to. 

I plan to work on more multimedia projects that explore concepts on Kemetic science, astrology, and quantum physics all with the intention of personal growth. 

What would you like to see more of in the industry?

I would love to see more growth in creative communities, particularly with the younger generation and having more digital tools accessible to those who can benefit from it.

Also, I have started sharing my creative processes mainly to be more transparent and hopefully increase appreciation of the arts. This is something I hope to see more of in the creative industry.

To see more of Jazmin’s work, check out her website here