“Luxe in the Community” The New Series Highlighting Local Male Inspirations

“Luxe in the Community” The New Series Highlighting Local Male Inspirations

Founded in 2019, by Chad Baptiste, Daniel Mccullock & Tyler Hinds, Luxe Grooming was sparked by compliments the trio received on their trims. Since then, they’ve lived by the slogan “Make your first impression count” and eventually formed a brand that brings a fresh swing on male grooming to benefit everyone – from their local community, to people worldwide.

‘Luxe in the Community’ focuses on showcasing different male figures who are making a positive impact within their community. Their inaugural episode features Chris Figures, the mastermind behind 1 figures, an East London-based lifestyle and clothing brand. The 2-minute video follows Mr. Figure’s journey narrated inside their BoxPark pop-up store.

Watch the full episode here!

The aim of our project is to showcase the importance of community and spotlight creatives from different industries. The short docu-series showcase the day-to-day running of their businesses, daily struggles, and ways in which they’ve overcome them. This series also highlights the positive impacts and changes they’ve made within their community. The overall vision is to increase awareness of Male Grooming and continue to make a positive impact through our content. 

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