Five For Friday: [@KiryaniAYAT], [@Novelist], [@KING_Salieu], [@Jordyinit] & [@Brandonxbanks]

Five new tracks you should stream this week. with fresh sounds from Kiryani Ayat, Novelist, Pa Salieu, Mura Masa, Jordy & more
by SOPHIA HILL May 27, 2022

The tide of new music never seems to stop coming in and Friday being one of the most intense days for new music we can understand if it all feels a little overwhelming. that’s why we’ve delved into the deepest and darkest corners of the musical ocean to bring you Five For Friday: our weekly round-up of the crème de la crème in new music.

Novelist – “There He Goes” ft. Jay Worthy

FROM: South East London, UK + Vancouver, Canada

GENRE: rap, grime

The legend that is N-O-V–Mr Tetris himself–has shared his latest album ‘4 THA HOMIEZ’. Upon looking over the features on the track list, one which jumped out was his collaboration with Vancouver’s Jay Worthy on “THERE HE GOES”, an intriguing guest appearance but one that makes total sense all the same. He’s an unflinchingly earnest spitter. You can’t flaw the way he floats from existential anguish to memories of past activities. Novelist’s voice may not fluctuate often, but his discerning ear for beats means that, even as he reaches 15 years in his career, the sounds remain fresh and eclectic.

Mura Masa – “blessing me” ft. Pa Salieu, Skillibeng

FROM: Guernsey & London, UK + Bull Bay, Jamaica

GENRE: dancehall, 

Mura Masa has announced the release of his new album ‘demon time’ with his new single “blessing me” featuring Pa Salieu and Skillibeng. Projected for release in September, the album is expected to bring forth some incredible collaborations and with previously released singles “bbycakes”, this album will no doubt, be a supremely well-executed masterpiece. Pa brings his unique style with his matter-of-fact flow which draws you in “Darlin’, when you elevate, it feel like magic / Make the kitty wild out like Tom and Jerry” setting things up for Skilli to take over with his kinetic dancehall skills.

Kirani Ayat – “SARKI”

FROM: Ghana

GENRE: drill, rap

A blend of traditional instrumentation known as Gurmi, mixed with drill 808s the track is a great example of ways that drill can be pushed to new heights. Elevated by Kirani’s Hausa flows. Visually the music video, directed by Kumi Obusobisa, is sharp as a knife-edge. I first heard this type of drill fusion with Jay Bahd’s “Condemn” last summer, a certified tune which quickly became the anthem to those sunny months. I’d even go as far as saying this might be the kind of music you will hear blasting from car stereo’s all summer long.

Brandon Banks – “Wonderland”

FROM: California, US

GENRE: r&b
Brandon Banks leaves no stone unturned in his music. Brandon’s touches on themes of struggle, emancipation and free creative expression are informed directly by his lived experience; his older brother has been imprisoned for 11 years of a 20-year sentence. As a response to this, Brandon has been actively involved in social work in his home community for a number of years with the Anti-Recidivism Coalition; helping to re-integrate formerly incarcerated men and women back into society via music. Having recently received approval to expand his course into every prison in California.

Jordy – “PEAK!”

FROM: Essex, UK

GENRE: rap
Taken from his upcoming album ‘KMT’. His penmanship leans towards the introspective side of his thinking as he details his journey in music. Speaking on the track Jordy adds: “PEAK! is a pretty reflective song… Thinking about what could’ve been, what was avoided, what was gained etc. It also touches on the harsh truth of people pretending to be your friend but hoping you don’t truly succeed which is more common now than ever”.