Five For Friday: [@DirtsaMusic], [@ROSEFLOWSmusic], [mya_kinlock], [@FinchFetti], [@KadeemTyrell]

Five new tracks you should stream this week. With fresh sounds from Dirtsa, Mya K, Finch Fetti, ROSEFLOWS, Kadeem Tyrell & more
by SOPHIA HILL May 20, 2022

The tide of new music never seems to stop coming in and friday being one of the most intense days for new music we can understand if it all feels a little overwhelming. That’s why we’ve delved into the deepest and darkest corners of the musical ocean to bring you five for friday: our weekly round-up of the crème de la crème in new music.

Dirtsa – “Say Shit” 

GENRE: rap

FROM: Toulouse, France

Poet-turned rapper Dirtsa is a tour de force. Perhaps rap is known for its malleable nature, a genre which can be fused alongside pretty much anything and still sound so individual. This particular rendition of Dirtsa’s sound plays into the more soulful side of it, with spaced-out piano riffs that weave between the stark reality and melancholy of her lyrics. Touching on topics of injustice, her flow and vocals are never easily anticipated–making it 2 minutes and 38 seconds of unexpected gifts, compounded by her clean flow and effortless range.

Finch Fetti – “Direct Debits” ft. Manny Dubbs & Cloutgod Duggie

GENRE: rap

FROM: London, UK

Perhaps drill is known for its malleable nature, a genre which can be fused alongside pretty much anything and still sound so individual. On this variation of the genre the track is driven by an acoustic driven downbeat; creating the perfect mellow backing for this single. With Willhxuse & Cloutgod Duggie’s breezy vocals South East meets South West over a Finch Fetti and Manny Dubbs produced beat the track becomes an immediate ear-worm.

Kadeem Tyrell –  “I Want You

GENRE: r&b

FROM: South London, UK

A single born out of the sheer joy that is to observe true love–inspired by his brother’s proposal to his childhood sweetheart the track was written and recorded during the lonely months of lockdown. As someone who also works as a postman by day, Kadeem goes on to deliver us letters of love by night with vocals that melt into the hazet R-Kay production.

Mya K – “Tipsy”

GENRE: soul, r&b

FROM: South London, UK

“Tipsy” truly is like a simulation of that moment when you are on the cusp of being drunk. The dilemma of more drinks or making your way back to the crib. The visuals, courtesy of Aisyah Octavia, depict this without a fault–with Mya stumbling through her hazy drunkenness and the spinning imagery to match. Her vocals are like a waking dream, sort of like the voice in your mind, but not the insecure or condemning one, the one which whispers gentle and sweet words of encouragement.


GENRE: hip hop

FROM: Chicago + NYC, US

It’s the type of song to throw on when you have your feet up. The track’s lustrous style pairs particularly well with the laid back East Coast raps of Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon and J Wade. The legacy of New York rap is an undeniable element in the sounds created by these friends–an ode to the years that shaped much of the rap we know and love today–but with their own contemporary twists and turns and entirely refreshing to listen to.