DUBLIN IS GOING OFF AND WE’RE HERE TO TELL YOU WHY ft. Chamomile Club [@chamomileclubb]

DUBLIN IS GOING OFF AND WE’RE HERE TO TELL YOU WHY ft. Chamomile Club [@chamomileclubb]

It’s easy to get lost in the conventional creative capitals i.e. London, NYC, and Paris, but the Ireland scene is exploding, and we’re here to explain why. We made a stop in Ireland’s capital city of Dublin to experience first hand what the hype is about and since CHAMOMILE is one of the communities that aims to bring people together with diverse DJs, positive vibes, and up-and-coming acts we knew we had to be there. 

Hours before the event, Monjola welcomed us and gave us a tour of the venue. It was immediately apparent that they had delivered on their promise to provide an immersive experience. Did I forget to mention the faux greenhouse, central hanging jumbotron, the projection screens with psychedelic animations, and the swing (which you could actually use) for an indoor outdoor experience. Here we saw setting designers and engineers, putting the finishing touches on the “CHAMOMILE GARDEN” concept.

When we returned at 8 p.m., we were met with complimentary tokens from their sponsors KOPPABERG –  a sure hint that we were in for a lit night. The DJ lineup comprised Alice and Silent Jee, Soltura, and Chameleon, who covered Trap, Hip-Hop, Rap, AfroBeats, and Bashment, so there was something for everyone! It didn’t matter who you knew since everyone was united by the sounds of music. I found it really easy to talk to new people as everyone was just glad to be in a space they were regularly deprived of.

Another section of the event featured musicians of various genres and popularity. The chosen lineup maintained the atmosphere for music fans. I discovered new music and, despite not having heard all of the songs, I was able to capture the vibe of the room, which was sensational. One thing the lineup had in common was a desire to dominate the music scene. Seeing them perform increased my appreciation for their craft. We had Efe expressing her alt / synth sounds, Masterpeace killing it on stage with his indie-rock vocals, and Monjola and Aby collaborating to create an entertaining experience – it was difficult to take a toilet break during the night!

On the night we got to speak to some creatives and asked them how it feels to be a creative in Ireland and here’s some of their answers:

Rapper, @something_elzzz says “Right now it’s fun because i’m doing it with my friends but it isn’t easy to get to this point in Ireland but right now is a good time because of the way music has evolved – dublin has a lot of talent and a lot of people”. 

Ireland based presenter @heyitsmenesser says “A lot of us who are starting to do stuff are the first to do anything and there’s definitely two different industries in Ireland right now so a lot of people don’t know that we are here but we are finding our identities!”

I think it’s important to branch out to different creative spaces, it’s easy to get sucked into your comfort zone not knowing how much talent is out there. It’s hard to put into words just how much effort and passion went on throughout the night but see for yourself in the carousel here but I hope this read urges you to give them a follow and support their movement.

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