àB [@ab_keen_] delivers her first offering for 2020, the First Place EP

àB [@ab_keen_] delivers her first offering for 2020, the First Place EP

The extremely talented àB drops her most polished project so far First Place.

First Place is the first offering from àB, the young virtuoso still in the process of crafting her sound. At only 16 years old she is already proving herself to be a talent who is not to be slept on despite being early in her career. Having only started putting out music in 2019, she has really put in the work up to now. With this release, she has now dropped 5 EP’s the first being released in September of last year. She looks to continue this in 2020 as even though this has just dropped she’s already working on her next project The Lockdown Sessions.

Speaking on First Place, àB had the following to say:

“I’m excited to get some new music out!… really proud of these tracks…something a little different… and I really enjoyed working with Tancrede and Izzy Bizu!”

That definitely shows on the project as it sounds like a lot of fun even in the vibe of it, so to hear the recording process was similar is no surprise.

The three track EP is a quick listen but a good taster of àB‘s vocal talent. First Place see’s her collaborate with the seasoned talent Izzy Bizu who assisted with some of the writing and Tancrede on production duty. Tancrede’s production provides some more typically Rap associated motifs that provide the project a brooding feeling. It blends well with the projects overall sound of mixing Pop and R&B, and would be an avenue I’d hope àB continues to explore.

You can definitely expect more coming from this absolute workaholic, and you can guarantee that it will only get better with time. I also wouldn’t be surprised if we at some point got a collaboration between her and fellow Pop/R&B songstress RAYE – they are sisters after all. With àB being the prodigy she is – already being a vocalist, producer, and engineer – the more time àB works at making music the better it will get, and with her experimenting, who knows where she will take things.

You can stream First Place on all platforms here.

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